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CHILDREN OF PARADISE: The French Gone with the Wind

In Episode Four of the Imaginary Frenchman, I talk about one of the most popular French films of all time, LES ENFANTS DU PARADISE, or, as it known in English, CHILDREN OF PARADISE. You can learn about the movie's plot, its actors and creators, its production and release, and its critical reception. I think it's the best French movie ever!

In addition to reading a lot of Wikipedia entries about various people connected to the movie, Roger Ebert's appreciation of the film was valuable. The Criterion Collection's restoration of CHILDREN OF PARADISE is gorgeous and has lots of supplementary material. Edward Baron Tuck's CHILD OF PARADISE: Marcel Carné and the Golden Age of French Cinema was a terrific reference, but it is out of print. You can sometimes find copies at second-hand booksellers or at libraries.

All music tracks used in the podcast are free use.

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