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About the Imaginary Frenchman: 

I'm Chuck, the Imaginary Frenchman. What makes me an imaginary Frenchman is that I live in Boston, not France, but I often visit France in my imagination by reading about it, watching movies, researching, and so forth. The good news, if you’re even a little bit of a Francophile, is that in my podcast I’ll use my fascination with France to tell you, in English, about aspects of the country that otherwise you might not ever hear about. I’ll be interpreting French culture from across the ocean and often using an American framework.

In the past, I've worked in corporate America, often in communications. Among the things I like are the New Yorker, chocolate scones, Trollope, Paris, all of France really, sex, love, friendship, money, comté, cats, dogs, Fiestaware, medieval art, hamburgers, elliptical machines, brick sidewalks, wine, Boston sports teams when they win, blue, black, hoodies, Eau Sauvage, Donna Leon, walking, Apple, gadgets, sitting at the bar, movies, theater, museums, black American coffee, berries, divas, mayonnaise, happiness.

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