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The Most Popular Women in France

In this week's Imaginary Frenchman episode, I tell you about the most popular French women. Lots of celebrities!

The podcast (which you can find under the "Podcast" tab on this website) is based on a poll taken by a French newspaper, le Journal du Dimanche. This year, there are separate lists for the top 25 French women and the top 25 French men.

Among them are Vanessa Paradis, whose first big hit (in the '80's) was "Joe le Taxi."

Songstress Line Renaud had a big hit with the French version of the American novelty number "How Much is That Doggie in the Window?"

Comic Florence Foresti, Number Three on the list, made a very funny video based on the premise of how THE HANDMAID'S TALE would have been different had it taken place in France.

Josiane Balasko, an actress and director, had a big hit with the movie GAZON MAUDIT, which was known in the US as FRENCH TWIST. In France, "gazon" can be slang for the female pubic region (similar to "bush" in vulgar English slang). Because the movie has a lesbian theme, a husband in the film refers to his wife's preference for "damned bush."

Marion Cotillard, Number Two on the list, won an Oscar for her portrayal of Edith Piaf in LA VIE EN ROSE/LA MÔME.

Mimie Mathy has played JOSEPHINE, GUARDIAN ANGEL for over 20 years in the series of the same name.

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