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French Television 101, Part One

In Episode 8 of the Imaginary Frenchman, I analyze the top 100 highest rated TV shows in France last year.

I talk about some of the major television networks in France as well. Access to a few of them is free on the internet, especially news channels, and others are behind a paywall. It's pretty simple to explore if you are so inclined. Many of them are in untranslated, or non-subtitled French, however. One big exception: the news channel France 24, which has both English and French programming. The podcast will give you other options for viewing some French shows.

If you'd like to poke around and learn more about French entertainment, Allociné is a good resource, en français.

At the head of this post is an episode of Burger Quiz, a game show that I enjoy and talk about in my Francophile pick of the week. You can see more of it on YouTube.

Next week I'll continue this exploration of French television with some recommendations of French series to watch.

Happy viewing!

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